UK Colston Hall, Bristol, October 1, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Odeon Theatre, Exeter, October 2, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Regal Theatre, Edmonton, London, October 3, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Gaumont Theatre, Southampton, October 4, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Gaumont Theatre, Wolverhampton, October 5, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Gaumont Theatre, Watford, October 6, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Odeon Theatre, Lewisham, London, October 8, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Rhythm And Blues, BBC radio, London, October 8, 1964 (Broadcast October 31)
Dust My Pyramids/Around And Around/lf You Need Me/Ain't That Loving You Baby/Mona/2120
South Michigan Avenue

stones at the beep front stones at the beep disc
Stones At The Beeb (1986 Beep Productions BEEP-1/2/3/4) 1CDR transferred from 2LP
2120 South Michigan Avenue を収録。

TSP-CD-003_20100328070211.jpg IU 9428
Get Satisfaction...If You Want! (TSP-CD-003) 1CD / Beat Beat Beat At The Beeb (IU 9428) 2CD
TSP盤は 2120 South Michigan Avenue を収録。IU盤は Ain't That Loving You Baby、2120
South Michigan Avenue の2曲を収録。録音されたブライアンとキースの共作曲、Dust My
Pyramids はエルモア・ジェームス・スタイルのスライド・プレイが30秒程度続くものらしいです。
BBC音源は別項の BBC RECORDINGS 1963-1965 を参照願います。(^o^)

The Lost Treasure (VGP-172) 1CD
Ain't That Loving You Baby を収録。

UK Gaumont Theatre, Ipswich, October 9, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Odeon Theatre, Southend, London, October 10, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Hippodrome, Brighton, October 11, 1964 (2 shows)

Belgium Amerikaans Theatre, Brussels, Belgium, 'World Fair', October 18, 1964 / Tienerklaken,
Belgian TV (Broadcast November 16)

Not Fade Away/Walking The Dog/If You Need Me/I'm Alright/Carol/Time Is On My Side/Tell Me/
It's All Over Now/Around And Around

France Quoi De Neuf?, French TV (ORTF 2), Paris, France, October 19, 1964 (Telecast Nov. 5)
Carol(playback)/Mona(playback)/It's All Over Now(playback)

The Rolling Stones On DVD 1964-1965
The Rolling Stones On DVD 1964-1965 (No Credit) 1DVDR
フランスのTV番組キ・デ・ヌフ出演時の It's All Oven Now を収録。(^o^)

France L'Olympia, Paris, France, October 20, 1964 / Musicorama, Europe 1, Live broadcast
Around And Around/Carol/Bye Bye Johnny/It's All Over Now/Time Is On My Side/Not Fade Away/
Walking The Dog/If You Need Me/I'm Alright/Confessin' The Blues/Tell Me

France Shooting of a juke box-film, Paris, France, October 21, 1964
Around And Around

USA Clay Cole Show, WPIX Channel 11, New York, October 24, 1964 (Televised October 31 and November 7)
Tell Me (playback)/It's All Over Now (playback)/Around And Around (playback)/If You Need Me
(playback)/Confessin' The Blues (playback)/Time Is On My Side (playback)

BGCD 029 Radio  TV Shows Vol. 2
The Early Rolling Stones Live 1964-67 (BGCD 029) 1CD /
Untitled (Radio & TV Show Vol. 2) 1CDR
BGCD盤は Tell Me、Around And Around の2曲を収録。他にはBBC音源、NME Pollwinner's
Concert、Shindig!、Ready Steady Go!、The Ed Sullivan Show 等から22曲を収録。Radio & TV
Show Vol. 2 は It's All Over Now、Around And Around、Confessin' The Blues の3曲とインタ

2nd US TOUR (October 24 - November 15)
Mick Jagger (voc)/Keith Richards (gtr)/Brian Jones (gtr)/Bill Wyman (b)/Charlie Watts (dr)

USA Academy Of Music, New York City, October 24, 1964 (2 shows)

USA The Ed Sullivan Show, CBS TV, New York, October 25, 1964
Around And Around/Time Is On My Side

growing up wrong disc front growing up wrong disc back
Growing Up Wrong (No Credit) 1CDR transferred from 1LP
Around And Around、Time Is On My Side の2曲を収録。

HC 0001 Ed Sullivan Show 64-69
Ed Sullivan By The Quad (HC 0001) 1CD / The Ed Sullivan Show '64/'69 (No Credit) 1DVDR

USA Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, California, October 26, 1964

USA Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, California, 'TAMI Awards Show', October 29, 1964
Around And Around/Off The Hook/Time Is On My Side/It's All Over Now/I'm Alright/Get Together
(Closing Jam) -with other competitors of the show.

growing up wrong disc front growing up wrong disc back
Growing Up Wrong (No Credit) 1CDR transferred from 1LP

DL 099,100 Touring History Volume 2 (BW) Satisfaction Guaranteed (Scorpio)
Bright Lights, Big City (DL 099/100) 2CD /
Touring History Volume Two (Bad Wizard Video) 2DVD /
Satisfaction Guaranteed (Scorpio Video) 1DVD
ンスを披露しました。映像はこちら。(^o^)/ http://www.youtube.com

Gimme Shelter (Trade Mark Of Quality 72009)

USA Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, California, October 31, 1964
Not Fade Away/Time Is On My Side/I'm Alright/It's All Over Now/If You Need Me/Carol/I'm A King
Bee/Tell Me/Confessin' The Blues/Around And Around


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