MARCH 1964

UK Empire Theatre, Liverpool, March 1, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Albert Hall, Nottingham, March 2, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Opera House, Blackpool, March 3, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Top Of The Pops, BBC TV, Manchester, March 4, 1964 (Televised March 5)
Not Fade Away (playback)

Touring History Volume 2 (BW) Touring History Volume 5 (BW)
Touring History Volume Two / Five (Bad Wizard Video) 2DVD/1DVD
映像はこちら。(^o^)/ http://www.youtube.com

UK Scene At 6.30, Granada TV, Manchester, March 4, 1964
Not Fade Away (playback)

UK Gaumont Theatre, Bradford, March 4, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Odeon Theatre, Blackburn, March 5, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Gaumont Theatre, Wolverhampton, March 6, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Winter Gardens, Morecambe, March 7, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Saturday Club, BBC radio, March 8, 1964
Beautiful Delilah/Roll Over Beethoven

gravestones and rape of the vaults front gravestones and rape of the vaults disc
Gravestones & Rape Of The Valuts (Dragonfly Records R.S.V.P. 002) 2CDR transferred from
2LP / Beautiful Delilah、Roll Over Beethoven の2曲を収録。

VGP-172.jpg IU 9428
The Lost Treasure (VGP-172) 1CD / Beat Beat Beat At The Beeb (IU 9428) 2CD
2月8日から3月7日までの英国ツアーのライヴから Beautiful Delilah、Roll Over Beethoven の
2曲を収録。演奏日、放送形態等詳細は不明です。BBC音源は別項の BBC RECORDINGS 1963
-1965 を参照願います。(^o^)

UK Top Of The Pops, BBC TV, March 12, 1964
Not Fade Away (promofilm?)

UK Invicta Ballroom, Chatham, March 15, 1964
Micky Waller substituted for CW on drums

UK Assembly Hall, Tunbridge Wells, March 17, 1964

UK Nestle's Top Swinging Groups, Radio Luxembourg, IBC or Regent Sound Studios, London, March 18, 1964 (Broadcast in 15 minute, April 17, 24, May 1 & 8)
Bye Bye Johnny/Diddley Daddy/I Wanna Be Your Man/Little By Little/Look What You've Done/
Mona/Not Fade Away/Now I've Got A Witness/Pretty Thing/Reelin' And Rockin'/Roll Over
Beethoven/Route 66/Walking The Dog/You Better Move On

UK City Hall, Salisbury, March 18, 1964
Talkin' 'Bout You/Poison Ivy/Walking The Dog/Pretty Thing/Cops And Robbers/Jaguar And The
Thunderbird/Don't Lie To Me/I Wanna Be Your Man/Roll Over Beethoven/You Better Move On/
Road Runner/Route 66/Bye Bye Johnny

UK Blues In Rhythm, BBC radio, Camden Theatre, London, March 19, 1964
(Broadcast May 9)

Route 66/Cops And Robbers/You Better Move On/Mona

stones at the beep front stones at the beep disc
Stones At The Beeb (1986 Beep Productions BEEP-1/2/3/4) 1CDR transferred from 2LP

TSP-CD-003.jpg TSP-CDS-004.jpg
Get Satisfaction...If You Want! (TSP-CD-003) 1CD / Camden Theatre 1964 (TSP-CDS-004) 1CD
レコードでリリースしていないボ・ディドリーの Cops And Robbers を演奏。TSP-CDS-004盤は
ロング・ジョン・ボルドリーのMCがカットされています。BBC音源は別項の BBC RECORDINGS
1963-1965 を参照願います。\(^o^)/

got live if you want it! IU 9428
Got Live If You Want it! (VGP) 1CD / Beat Beat Beat At The Beeb (IU 9428) 2CD

UK Whitehall, East Grinstead, March 21, 1964

UK Esplanade Pavilion, Ryde, Isle Of Wight, March 22, 1964

UK Guildhall, Southampton, March 23, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Town Hall, Birmingham, March 25, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Town Hall, Kidderminster, March 26, 1964 (2 shows)

UK Ex-Serviceman's Club, Windsor, March 27, 1964

UK Wilton Hall, Tottenham, Bletchley, March 28, 1964

UK Club Noreik, London, March 29, 1964 (early morning)

UK Ricky Tick Club, Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, March 30, 1964

UK Olympia Ballroom, Reading, March 30, 1964

UK West Cliff Hall, Ramsgate, March 31, 1964


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