Mick Jagger (voc)/Keith Richards (gtr, voc)/Ronnie Wood (gtr)/Bill Wyman (b)/Charlie Watts (dr)/
Billy Preston (p, org, bvoc)/Ollie E. Brown (perc, bvoc)

Canada El Mocambo Club, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, March 4, 1977
Route 66/Honky Tonk Women/Hand Of Fate/Fool To Cry/Crazy Mama/Crackin' Up/Around And
Around/Melody/Star Star/Worried About You/Let's Spend The Night Together/Band introductions/
Little Red Rooster/Luxury/Brown Sugar/Jumpin' Jack Flash (Some songs are unverified)

Canada El Mocambo Club, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, March 5, 1977
Honky Tonk Women/All Down The Line/Hand Of Fate/Route 66/Fool To Cry/Crazy Mama/
Mannish Boy/Crackin' Up/Dance Little Sister/Around And Around/Tumbling Dice/Happy/Hot
Stuff/Star Star/Worried About You/Let's Spend The Night Together/Worried Life Blues/It's Only
Rock'n Roll/Rip This Joint/Band introductions/Little Red Rooster/Luxury/Brown Sugar/Jumpin'
Jack Flash

el mocambo front
El Mocambo (El Mocambo-1/2) (Soundboard) 1CDR transferred from 7"single
El Mocambo 1977 metal acetate: "Dance Little Sister" "Route 66" & "Little Red Rooster" +
interviews with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, & Ron Wood about the events in Toronto March

el mocambo 77 front el mocambo 77 disc
El Mocambo 77 (RS-377) (Soundboard) 1LP

Stereo Mocambo Reels 1977 (IMP-N-017) (Soundboard) 1CD+1DVDR
Disc 1/The Longest Version in Best Ever Sound Quality with 5 Different Sources including
Newly Found Stereo Reels. Disc 2/Rare Interviews, Live M.C. & Audio Tracks on Still Pictures
with Japanese Subtitle.

Disc 1 (CD)
01 Hand Of Fate (Reel A) - Rough Mix
02 Route 66 (Reel B) - Rough Mix
03 Mannish Boy (Reel C) - Final Mix
04 Crackin' Up (Reel B) - Rough Mix
05 Dance Little Sister (Reel D) - Off Acetate
06 Around And Around (Reel A) - Rough Mix
07 Worried About You (Reel A) - Rough Mix
08 Let's Spend The Night Together (Edited) (Reel B) - Rough Mix
09 Band Introductions (Reel C) - Final Mix
10 Little Red Rooster (Reel B) - Rough Mix
11 Crazy Mama (Mono, Cut-out)
12 Route 66 (Reel A) - Newly Found Stereo Reels
13 Crackin' Up (No-Dubs, Cut-out) (Reel A) - Newly Found Stereo Reels
14 Let's Spend The Night Together (Un-Edited) (Reel B) - Newly Found Stereo Reels
15 Little Red Rooster (Reel C) - Best Sounding Acetate
16 Route 66 (Reel C) - Best Sounding Acetate
17 Crackin' Up (Combination) - Combination of Final Mix & Rough Mix
18 Little Red Rooster (Combination) - Combination of Final Mix & Rough Mix

Disc 2 (DVDR)
01 IMP Slate
02 El Mocambo Bartender Interview
03 A Rock Critic Interview
04 Comment on "Love You Live"
05 Ron Wood Interview
06 Mick Jagger Interview
07 Keith Richard Interview
08 El Mocambo Live M.C. & Band Introduction
09 Mannish Boy (Edited)
10 Crackin' Up (Edited)

SODD 105
Live At The El Mocambo Club 1977 (SODD 105) (Soundboard) 1CD
Including Stereo Reels (10 Tracks), Mono Reels (1 Track), Acetates (3 Tracks) & Final
Mixes (4 Tracks).

VGP-005.jpg VGP-005 back01
Live At The El Mocambo Club 1977 (RS-377) (Soundboard) 1CD
Same as on the bootleg LP "El Mocambo '77" (RS-377), but taken from tape without
crackles, except for the three acetate songs.

VGP-005.jpg VGP-005 back1
El Mocambo '77 (VGP-005 1st-issue) (Soundboard) 1CD

VGP-005.jpg VGP-005 back2
El Mocambo '77 (VGP-005 remastered) (Soundboard) 1CD

A Stone In My Shoe (VGP-368) (Soundboard) 2CD/disc 2
This bootleg CD contains four songs from the 1977 El Mocamo Lounge shows: "Route 66"
"Crackin' Up" "Little Red Rooster" & "Let's Spend the Night Together"

SC 001 front SC 001c
Hot August Night At Knebworth Fair 1976 (SC 001) (Soundboard) 3CD/disc 3
Copy of the bootleg EP "El Mocambo", plus incomplete 8-21-76 Knebworth Fair show in
soundboard and audience quality.

The Club Gigs (Raid CD 910710) (Soundboard) 1CD
Copy of bootleg LP "El Mocambo '77" (RS-377) including crackles. Songs in different order
& mostly incomplete (faded in and out) + "Cocksucker Blues" from May 1978.

POET 9207
Cocksuckers Revenge (POET 9207) (Soundboard) 1CD
Same as "The Club Gig" (Raid CD 910710). Nine tracks from the 3-4-77 & 3-5-77 El Mocambo
Lounge in Toronto taken from LP including crackles. Wrong track succession.

El Mocambo 1977 (SOS-770304) (Soundboard) 1CDR
Live 3-4-77 & 3-5-77 at the El Mocambo Lounge, Toronto, Canada just after Keith Richards'
infamous heroin and cocaine trafficking arrest.

Untitled (Soundboard) 1CDR

Small Club Gigs (HLR-RS 008)
In addition to the complete 8-12-89 Toad's place club show, this bootleg CD includes five
filler tracks "Worried About You" "Let's Spend The Night Together" "Route 66" "Hand Of
Fate" & "Dance Little Sister" from El Mocambo Lounge March 1977.


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